Harrogate and Rural District Primary Care Networks

What is a PCN?

  • A PCN is a collection of GP Practices in a local area coming together to better provide services to a local population
  • PCNs will work with local services including voluntary services to identify local health and social care needs
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What is the aim of PCNs

  • The aim of each PCN is to provide better and more joined up care to all  of the patients within their Network
  • This will be done by working together and focussing on what the population needs
  • As they will be working together they hope to ensure that they are better placed to provide timely healthcare and combat the social difficulties many people face
  • They hope to target several keys areas over the coming years, including early cancer diagnosis, cardiovascular (heart health), enhancing health in care homes, tackling inequalities

How will they do this

  • They have funding secured over the next 5 years to gradually employ extra staff to support the existing Primary Care Team of GP’s and Practice Nurses
  • This will include a Social Prescriber, Clinical Pharmacist, Physiotherapist, Physicians Associate and Paramedic
  • These extra roles will support Doctors and Nurses and develop to provide healthcare to everyone

How will this change things for me

  • Initially things will still be the same in terms of getting appointments with your GP
  • However over time you may see someone other than your GP for certain things. For example when your medication review is due, it may be more appropriate to see a Clinical Pharmacist for this. OR if you suffer an injury a Physiotherapist may be more beneficial
  • This will hopefully mean you are able to see the right person more promptly and get the right advice quicker
  • By working together practices will also hope to be more resilient and ensure that long term they can respond to challenges of providing a safe and timely healthcare to everyone within the area
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